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Second chances happen here.

Providing advocacy, resources and discipleship to help women rebuild their lives.

Trauma. Addiction. Incarceration. Heartbreak.

The women we serve have faced it all. They’ve lost their families and found themselves in circumstances they never imagined. Some are recovering from addiction or abusive relationships. Some are getting out of the prison system or working to reunite with their children. Their stories and struggles are unique, but they all have one thing in common.
They need—and deserve—a second chance.

That’s where we come in.

At Inside Out Re-Entry Services, we don’t just offer women a second chance. We give them the support, resources & faith community they need to transform their lives.


About 30% of the women we serve come from the Oklahoma prison system. To date, none of them have been reincarcerated.


More than 60 women have completed our 1-year, faith-based recovery program and are now inspiring others.


We’ve helped 115 children (and counting!) reunite with their moms.


As women heal from the inside out, it transforms their lives, their families’ lives and the lives of all they encounter.

And it all starts with you.

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When you give, stories like these become possible.

“I was homeless, addicted to meth, in and out of jail, and choosing men and drugs over my children. Inside Out has helped me know Jesus, and I’ve learned to love myself and others through Christ. I’m thankful today to have 23 months of sobriety. I recently moved into my own place with my children. I’d love to go to school and work at a rehab facility or domestic violence agency, helping women who have walked the path I have taken so that I can share Christ and the incredible life available to all who believe!”

– Amanda M.

Testimonial: Kindal R.

“After experiencing domestic violence, rape and drug abuse, I lost everyone and everything. My dad found Inside Out, and it changed my life. I have now been clean for 26 months. I have had a felony dismissed and my license reinstated. I paid off fines and got a car, a job and a house. I have full custody of my daughter and am a full-time mother again. I have hope, and I believe my life is valuable. I plan to go to college and earn a degree, to be a positive role model to my children, and to help other women grow morally and spiritually.”

– Kindal R.

Testimonial: Kelsi M.

“While struggling with drugs, grief and the abuse of sex trafficking, I was arrested 27 times and then incarcerated. I was court ordered into the Inside Out program, and Inside Out has given me the life I had stopped hoping for. God changed everything in me and made it beautiful. Today, I have 20 months of sobriety, sole custody of my children, a savings account, my own home and the best job ever. I plan to remain a stable and healthy mom who is growing daily to know Jesus, and to raise my children to follow the Lord.”

– Kelsi M.

Testimonial: Holly A.

“My biological mother was a drug addict, so I was placed in foster care at nine months old. After being adopted, I was molested and abused. The pain of my past wasn’t evident to me until I went to rehab a fourth time. Today, I have 2 years of sobriety. Every change I have been able to make is because of what Christ has done for me. Inside Out has made this possible. I have earned the trust of my family. I have made amends with those I have harmed and forgiven those who have harmed me. I hope to impact many more people for Christ.”

– Holly A.

Testimonial: Brittanee N.

“I found myself in abusive relationships, one after another. I lost my kids and ended up using meth. My life was spinning out of control. My family disowned me, and I had no hope. Two weeks later, I was in jail. Today, I am 18 months sober. God has restored my relationships with my family. I have my two youngest children full-time and have regular visits with my second daughter. I’ve received so much support from Inside Out and my church. Today, I know who I am in Christ. The desire of my heart is to minister to girls in Okmulgee County Jail. I want to dedicate my life to helping women stay sober.”

– Brittanee N.

Testimonial: Andrea S.

“I battled addiction from age 14 as a way of dealing with the pain of childhood sexual abuse. I became an alcoholic, used just about every drug and finally, at my lowest point, I went to jail. Jesus used Inside Out to save my life! God has transformed me into a new creation. The people I love are no longer afraid of me. I have one year of sobriety, I’m no longer in trouble with the law, and all my fines are paid. I’m a Resident Manager for Inside Out, and I plan to stay plugged into Celebrate Recovery and my church and continue to work hard at the new job God has given me!”

– Andrea S.

Testimonial: Mandy S.

“After a devastating divorce, I turned to opioids then meth to numb the pain. I was shocked by how quickly my entire life was gone. After being abducted and then rescued from sex trafficking, I was accepted into Inside Out. Being in Inside Out has been one of the greatest things that’s happened to me. God is restoring my relationships with my family, and I’ve just celebrated 18 months of sobriety. I’m a manager at my job, and am in leadership positions with Inside Out and Celebrate Recovery. I’m forever thankful for the life God has given me and the hope I have for my future.”

– Mandy S.

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